SLR_FM3 Release

Here we go, BETA release of the e39! :) I haven't got much time to work on these mods lately but it sucks to keep them on my HD without sharing with others! so here's the car! what to expect?

Glows are done
comes built in catalog(requires francos tyres and e39 rims in parts folder(included))
seat position done
plates done
speedo done
physics done
flaps done
names etc done
a few custom parts added

over all its 95% complete mod but needs scripts doing and I have a lot more Extra parts planned that I will hopefully add over time but as you know with my previous mods its QUALITY OVER QUANTITY in my case.

It should work without problems and was tested on 2.2.1 clean and heavily modded.

If you run into any problems drop a comment in this download page and I'll try to find time to fix it! :) other than that.. ENJOY

1.   Posted by Dariuss   2013-10-21 17:27    

yaay! thanks jc

2.   Posted by Sam9001   2013-10-21 17:40    

Sweet! gonna test this out soon

3.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-10-21 17:48    

What's going on these two days? Yet another tsunami of new mods... :))

And to Pro7: When will we see your E63 AMG? :D

4.   Posted by JoeAlex   2013-10-21 19:56    

Finally JC! Let's try out.... :D
And Unseen, That Merc E63 is mine... ;)

5.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2013-10-21 22:02    

Jezus mother of god soooo sensual B) downloading right now!

6.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-10-24 14:57    

Oops, sorry Joe :)) Your Merc is awesome, tho, can't wait for it!

7.   Posted by MrBluePapaSmurf   2013-10-24 16:00    

Thanks for the Mediafire link! BEST PLACE TO SHARE STUFF!

8.   Posted by lhm8884   2013-10-26 00:39    

Thanks :)

9.   Posted by Balkanec   2013-10-29 09:29    

Just like mine. Great job. Please add more parts.

10.   Posted by lhm8884   2014-08-23 13:26    

Thanks a lot

11.   Posted by BillyBoy69   2016-01-02 23:48    

Thank you <3

12.   Posted by atakanae86   2016-03-25 18:09    


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