Car+Running gear

This car mod sits on my hdd for months without any updates so i decided to upload it in the stage it is now, not fully finished mod, aound 90% but most of it is proper.

some info:
Custom reflections - delete the relections folder inside the texture folder for switching to your regular sl reflections. Deleting other relfections files in the main folder can makes some parts to looks weird.

7 Full kits + customs
Many parts from '2003 to '2009 models
'03 Stock and '05 Nismo catalog models + Matte version of the car
Adjustable brakes,mirros,helmet visor
Decalable windows
Detachable parts for more customisations

Bad bits:
Not all of the glows included
No dash pins
Unfinished meshes
maybe some more not sure

Most of the custom parts was made from:
Bate Baleno

Also huge tnx to Pro7,JoeAlex,Rokus,Iced,DaniLKA for textures, ripping game files, bugs finding, ideas and more. Tnx guys;)

In the arhive i've added a engine and running gear parts, some of them are made for this car mod but they are not releated to it and can be used separately.

Drift suspension - fully adjustable - comes builded from kits section
Basic VQ35DET engine - Comes only as kit and his parts are catalog removed
Adustable/paintable brakes - AP racing and Nissan calipers
CE28 rim - Adjustable Dish/offset with datecheble/paintable parts
Adjustable tyres - Made with their own drift setup (not releted to SL regular tyre java setup)
1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-09-13 04:41    

good work mate! :) nice to see it released to public.

2.   Posted by Z0om3r   2013-09-13 11:56    

Good looking ride man. AWESOME !!! :awesome: I love it thanks !

3.   Posted by g4tnt   2013-09-13 13:20    

nice job been looking forword to this for a long time thank man :D :D :D

4.   Posted by PXRZ   2013-09-13 15:00    

Any chance of a "more-piece" VQ35DETT engine?

5.   Posted by Inline5   2013-09-13 16:12    

finally! awesome Z

6.   Posted by PXRZ   2013-09-13 17:42    

Can you make ALL the parts appear in the catalouge again?*

7.   Posted by adnan54   2013-09-13 18:55    

OMG, that's really awesome :awesome:

8.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-09-13 19:45    

even if i had the luck to try it step by step, i was waiting this so long, you totally deserve 5 stars. this is THE MOD. B)

9.   Posted by Pro7   2013-09-14 02:51    

Im going to say same thing that BB said above, this is THE MOD. B)

10.   Posted by Bakchis   2013-09-14 12:11    

very epic mod :awesome:

11.   Posted by Mario   2013-09-14 14:48    

Tnx guys for the comments:) it's +-5% offscale and hope that not ruin it

PXRZ: probably will stay as it's now

12.   Posted by PXRZ   2013-09-14 16:27    

@Mario If you are going to make a remake of the engine I would be glad to help with .javas and such.

13.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-09-14 18:35    

I've been waiting for this fat lady so long, good to know it's out!

14.   Posted by JoeAlex   2013-09-14 18:38    

@PZRX, Mario is the King of javas, I think he not need help... ^^
And Mario, You know what i think about this car, Don't need to say it again... :)

More links:

15.   Posted by whoa182   2013-09-14 19:30    

How come I can't use the the engine included in this pack?

16.   Posted by Kaoru   2013-09-14 21:23    

Great work on the zetto,now i dont have to ask ya to send it to me every time i lose it xD

17.   Posted by pouchki974   2013-09-30 21:00    

engine, rims and tires not works on SLRR by TKN :(

18.   Posted by Mario   2013-10-03 09:00    

I have no any idea what SL remake is that.

This mod works in any version of SL2 (221, 221MWM, 230LE)

The parts also should works on Jack's SL remakes

19.   Posted by danilka45rus   2013-10-03 20:15    

Awesome mod,
Glad I could help you. :awesome:

20.   Posted by SlammedPanda   2013-11-11 21:26    

this is the best looking 350z ive ever seen, good work

21.   Posted by TheOne10118   2014-03-21 21:05    

engine doesnt work

22.   Posted by Ey papa   2015-04-21 19:53    

how do I make the engine compatible with the car?
My game crash when I am trying to buy the car full built...
I am BB SLRR 2.2.1 MWM

23.   Posted by oncomz   2015-06-06 07:49    

cannot access original body menu, 2.2.1MWM unlimited has crash, my car no have a left and right mirror, so and not complete

24.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-04-08 20:19    

^^Try using some normal SLRR. Like clean 2.2.1MWM or BBSLRR.

25.   Posted by tombaddog   2016-10-26 12:37    


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