From 2002 and still awesome!

Here is the Street legal AKA SL1.A game made by Invictus,published by activision value and patched by Badoyz
How to play this game ;o(with the keyboard and mouse???)
Extract the game.
Run the Launch.exe
Install the game.
It will ask you to restart,but trust me its not needed :D
Go to find the game exe in the start menu and start playing this awesome old game :D

Some notes:
This game is clean no mods,just the latest patch and no-cd exe.
Use 1024x768 resolution cuz its fk'd up in bigger resolutions...
Well you might want to cheat so i will put here a page with cheats!*CLICK*
If you move your mouse over buttons and they dont response instantly,use the keyboard arrows to adjust game options,etc
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