I see a lot people are bothered by the Darkside at VStanced. Let me explain why & how it works & how to get in.

A lot people confuse this as a VIP section, but it's not. I repeat, DARKSIDE IS NOT A VIP SECTION. Its intention was to make mods available to persons who DESERVE these & keep them SAFE!

Why is Darkside made? - There are mods that modders haven't finished or don't want to release, for certain reasons. For example, Franco's rimpacks, he spends a lot time modeling them & releases them. Not only these get uploaded without his permission on different sites, they get ripped of SLRR & used in other games WITHOUT his permission nor credit! All of these rims are re-released now anyway, but you'll get my point.
Now at least to provide mods that won't get ripped we have created the Darkside, which is a part of our site where trusted members upload their files & ONLY other trusted members have access to these, so the files are safe. Also it's brilliant place to test beta mods. One great example is JC's E28, it was tested by a lot people, the feedback was given & bugs were fixed.

How it works - It's simple idea it's not accessible to members under rank "Darkside". Darkside rank is the lowest rank that gets access & is a trusted member of VStanced community!

How to get in - I'll say it once again just in case, it's NOT A VIP SECTION. To join Darkside you don't have to be any admin's friend or donate or kiss anyone's but either! All you have to do is to be ACTIVE & HELPING member! It's the way that admins can see how you act & how you're as a member. We'll decide whether we CAN TRUST YOU TO NOT SHARE & to RESPECT the authors.

Our admins will watch & decide whether to invite you to Darkside or not. Don't come to ask us when you can get into DS.

So, congratulations to those that got access to Darkside, treat it like your own life! Your rank can drop as quickly as it went up. There's no exception you share, if you treat others liks shit - you're out. When loosing access, there won't be another chance

Regards, administrators of VStanced community
1.   Posted by dicio_cross   2013-06-18 21:50    


2.   Posted by LoneWanderer   2013-07-07 14:14    

So, do i have to create at least 1 mod to get in it?

3.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-07-15 17:33    

nope, you need to be an active and helpful member. there is quite much people inside ds that dont even know how change a texture.

4.   Posted by hsrzse   2013-10-23 06:32    

Glad to see that activity on other sites that the vast majority frequent counts. I tend to post more on GOM than VS, not because I think GOM > VS, it's just that I started out with GOM back in the days of GOM vs. GER and am loyal to the GOM community.

5.   Posted by David_2709   2014-09-05 15:48    

Oh look who commented here.

6.   Posted by doge   2014-10-09 19:18    

:awesome: but how do you get vip mods, on what sites? how do you donate?

7.   Posted by dGCyanide   2014-11-11 10:52    

Google doge. You'll find something eventually. Also LoneWanderer I think it states in the how to get in section how your able to access them. Be active, be helpful, all in all be a good member.

8.   Posted by TheUnknownRoar   2015-01-15 23:34    

You guys should really get yourself TeamSpeak, cause I'll be more than happy to set the whole thing up. :awesome:
- PM me! Peace, Roar is out ..

9.   Posted by TheUnknownRoar   2015-01-15 23:47    

I'll pay for it too if there's a need for it.

10.   Posted by ThaGhost   2015-03-22 22:44    

I'd love to test betas but don't know shit about modding. :)) :(

11.   Posted by ijdevil   2015-04-05 13:46    

Hey whats up. Are you guys still doing Vstanced "darkside"? Know I'm probably never gonna make the list but figured I'd ask being an avid SLRR player and all. Its like a damn addiction!

12.   Posted by Coprone   2015-08-10 23:27    

Updated info at 8 July (I rewrote whole text in better grammar & more understandable sentences) :)

13.   Posted by mate not ban please   2015-10-19 12:21    

thanks i not know what is a Darkside thank you for informations :D

14.   Posted by romefree   2015-11-21 01:05    

well what about me i have been a member for ages but i have only been active for the last year
sorry for the bump i wasn't sure where or who to message about this

15.   Posted by dthug69   2015-12-22 12:37    

i have been active for the past two years. i try as much as i can to help other members.

16.   Posted by edi07kehed   2016-02-16 02:18    

thats mean darkside it just for trusted person, can keep their word.

17.   Posted by StratoWolf   2017-09-29 14:14    

Will getting into DS be my new goal?

18.   Posted by hamburper   2018-09-15 21:03    


19.   Posted by SeannyGambino   2018-09-23 23:00    

I hope i end up into the DS i've been playing slrr for years but i've never really been involved in an active community for the game.. :( :( :(

20.   Posted by SuperSupra512   2018-10-31 15:01    

Good to know, it always sounds like a section of hackers or something... I totally understand why did you decided to open this section.

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