Caution! Contains bits of off-road action!

- Hand made models;
- Hand made scripts (99,9% sure that it won't crash your game);
- Realistic materials;
- Sizes differ on rim model, so no 20" JDM classics;
- Made to fit BB93 3D Tyres 2.

Known bugs:
- Except some little model bugs, there are none (that I've found). If you find one let me know in comments.

Feel free to reupload wherever you want, just put me as author. And if you want to convert it to another game, PM me and we'll talk.

1.   Posted by KondzixsPL   2017-06-16 16:11    

Bardzo dobre!
Very good!

2.   Posted by adnan54   2017-06-16 16:32    


3.   Posted by doge   2017-06-16 19:03    

too many rims to handle :doge: :doge: :awesome:

4.   Posted by Mikingo   2017-06-17 01:36    


5.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2017-06-18 12:56    

too much sauce

6.   Posted by xRODMANNx   2017-06-20 14:54    

Thankyou so much keejay! Really love your rimpacks!

7.   Posted by coolcat2014   2017-06-27 23:59    

odd when i unzipt / unpack it, it just throws me a error that it cant unpack

8.   Posted by ALAN   2017-06-28 16:43    

Use 7zip. Or try redownloading

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