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Nissan Skyline GT-R BCNR33 1995-1998 & GTS ECR33 1993-1998
by RedCarDriver
Forza / Juiced 2 / S-Tuner / CSR conversion

Major thanks to the S-Tuner developer for allowing me to use some of the body kits from the S-Tuner R33.

This mod has been in the making for five years. After I realized I was spending less and less time on it every year, I decided it was time to release it - no more waiting. It's not exactly like I wanted it to be, but hopefully it's good enough to be entertaining for a long time. With 6 GTR body kits and 8 GTS body kits (and lots of extra parts), there are plenty of options. Don't mix and match GTR and GTS stuff for now; it doesn't really work.

I may update this mod again, but if I do, the new version will probably come with a new RPK. There is a lot of stuff that didn't make it into this version that I would have wanted to put into the mod; most of that just wasn't done when I decided it was time to upload it.

There are a lot of "special features" in this car, including a working odometer, Java-powered speedometers, and a catalog randomizer. Pay close attention to everything. Also, the car comes with separate high beams for the headlights, as well as a rear fog light for the GT-R S3; you can enable these features in the CFG files.

The car comes with the Baiern_Emer engine for now. Substitute that engine with your favorite RB26 mod, BB93's 2JZ, a fake engine, whatever you want. You may also want the color palette.

All models included:
- GT-R BCNR33 (S1/S2/S3 | base / V-Spec)
- GTS ECR33 (S1 & S2)
- Nismo 400R
- LHD versions of GT-R and GTS
All GT-R body kits included:
- Nismo GT-R
- Top Secret GT-R
- JUN Auto GT-R
- Do-Luck GT-R (minus skirts)
- Abflug GT-R
- Bomex GT-R (minus front lip, just use the Nismo)
All GTS body kits included:
- Navan GTS S2
- Top Secret GTS
- JUN Auto GTS
- Do-Luck GTS
- Bomex GTS S1
- PS Duce GTS (S-Tuner)
- BN Sports GTS (S-Tuner)
- Varis GTS S2 (minus skirts)

Report any bugs you find and I'll fix them.
1.   Posted by Porsche911man   2019-08-07 04:00    

About time lol. Thank you for this wonderful creation, even if it's unfinished

2.   Posted by Sleepin mOnkey   2019-08-07 04:49    

Thanks, can't wait to check this out especially knowing all the effort you put at making this mod

3.   Posted by Porsche911man   2019-08-07 04:52    

Ooh. I almost forgot(and RCD probably forgot too), but it's mandatory to install Amilimand's patch otherwise you'll have issues with the gauges.

4.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2019-08-07 05:09    

Actually, no, this one should be fine without Amilmand's ExhaustiveBits (so far). The tachometer is still handled by the game engine. The speedometer is handled through Java, but that uses only vanilla game functions.

5.   Posted by Niatross   2019-08-07 08:35    

Has to be one of the best mods currently out for SLRR
Amazing work as usual!

6.   Posted by TheSkidKid   2019-08-07 10:13    

Awesome mod. Would be great to see the sedan also made in future.

7.   Posted by NFSFan96   2019-08-07 14:09    

Holy CR@P! I remember when this was first teased years ago. It looks absolutely wicked, you did an awesome job.
Thanks for the release, it is always a good day when RedCarDriver uploads a car mod.

8.   Posted by absolutezero   2019-08-08 08:31    

whats the map

9.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2019-08-08 08:36    

Yokohama Docks. I may have to upload it, if it isn't on this site anywhere.

10.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2019-08-09 00:35    


Added a new JUN hood for both GTS front ends. Download the update here or redownload the whole car.

11.   Posted by Supremen96   2019-08-09 15:33    

Best mod for SLRR, along with BB's Supra.

12.   Posted by riatyes24   2019-08-10 02:35    

thanks..downloading now :)

13.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2019-08-24 01:11    


14.   Posted by Nightkid   2019-08-30 17:22    

This is such a gewd mod , thank you !

15.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2021-06-02 00:25    

HOTFIX (2021-06-01)

Fixed the ECR33 BN Sports front bumper, which was erroneously too long for the ECR33 front end. Download the hotfix here or redownload the whole car.

16.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2021-06-05 03:24    

HOTFIX (2021-06-04)

Fixed some typos in hood javas. These shouldn't affect anybody except people using debug compile for some reason. Links are unchanged, download the hotfix above or else the whole car.

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