Pontiac Fiero GT 1988
by RedCarDriver
Forza 4 conversion

(Yeah, the pics are old. I'll update the pictures later.)

Comes with its own engine and a bunch of cool scripting gizmos.

Installation Notes

To install this car, move FieroGT.rpk and /FieroGT_data/ to /*SLRR install directory*/cars/racers. Then move General_Motors_L44.rpk and /General_Motors_L44/ to /*SLRR install directory*/parts/engines.

Most importantly: To get the new headlights to work, copy and paste the /parts/scripts folder into your own parts directory. It should ask you if you want to merge it with the existing folder. Select "yes".

IF the custom headlights do not work as intended, there are a replacement set of javas in /FieroGT_data/scripts/src/Normal_Lights. Move these into /src/ and overwrite the old ones if the headlights give you problems. Otherwise delete this folder.

It should not be necessary to start a new career, but try starting a new career if your game crashes.

The engine is designed for LE / LE2MWM, so it probably will not work in regular MWM!

While this car includes its own engines, it is also set up to work with the default SLRR engines, plus Diego's Buick LC2 for Robban's Buick GNX. Note that the engines are ALL mounted TRANSVERSELY by default (using custom scripting). The I4 engines are mounted using the LONGITUDINAL position, and then the slot is rotated 90 degrees. If you add new engines with SLRR Editor, you will either need to use the adjustable positioning scripts or change the slot IDs of the I4 blocks from "99" to "98" (note that this only works with the Japanese I4s unless you modify the slots).

Furthermore, the engine's transmissions can be used on the standard V8 and on Diego's Buick LC2.

1.   Posted by FJ   2013-01-06 08:15    

Hmm nice car Harrison15

2.   Posted by FJ   2013-01-06 19:16    

ok i tested it,it doesn't have any bugs and those .class files make the pontiac more special.
My rating : 10/10
Really great model.Size is correct.
Working gauges and light glows.
There are not racing tuning parts but IMO they would be kinda rice-ish for such nice car.
I also like the V6 engine,the sounds are so awesome :3
Its a must-have car.

3.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2013-01-06 22:58    

New version of the engine RPK that should work in MWM without LE2MWM.

4.   Posted by Ogre   2013-03-21 11:36    

Awesome mod ! You did an awesome job ! Respect ! :awesome:

5.   Posted by bitelaserkhalif   2017-04-13 06:02    

This mod has properly scripted VT! It won't crash!!

6.   Posted by Guille6   2019-03-07 11:29    

Very good mod, nice model,the rear lights are very detailed, and i love the feature of the front lights open during the night and close during the day and the trunk opening reversed like in the real car. Also is very good that it comes with its own engine. There aren't any GM v6 mod engine apart from that or at least that i knew it makes it different.

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