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Rescripted version of Mihon's Devil's V8
REDO - New Parts August 2015
(Old Version Here)

Apologies that this took this long!


(read below for what these mean)

Basic engine, 6 sound files. Get ONLY this if you are short on HD space. (25MB)

DLC1 pack, requires basic engine, 6 more sounds (14MB)

DLC1+DLC2 pack, requires basic engine, 13 more sounds (28MB)


Complete rescript for Mihon's Devils V8 engine. New scripts, sounds, and a few visual edits by RedCarDriver. Much more usable in general, and includes RPKs for 2.3.0LE and 2.2.1MWM. This was done unofficially, so if Mihon objects, I will take this down.

The turbos are still ridiculously powerful, but if you have problems, turn down the boost.

The basic archive is already huge because there are six sound sets, as well as turbo and supercharger sounds. Click the exhaust headers with the tuning tool to switch the sound file. File is 25MB.

The basic engine, with 6 sounds, is here (25MB). The 6 sounds included are:
- Audi R8 / RS4 (replaces BMW M3 E92 from original version)
- Ford GT
- Camaro SS
- Corvette Z06
- Ferrari F430 Scuderia
- McLaren MP4-12C

There are two packs of "DLC" sound files for this engine. DLC1 includes 6 additional sound files, for a total of 12. DLC2 includes 7 more than DLC1, for a total of 19 - you must have DLC1 if you want DLC2.

DLC1 includes, in addition to the base engine:
- Audi S4
- BMW M3 E92 (from original version)
- Ferrari California
- Mercedes-Benz SLS
- Dodge SRT-8 6.1
- Shelby GT500 1967

DLC2 includes, in addition to DLC1:
- Lexus IS F
- Jaguar XKR
- Corvette Stingray C2
- Alpina B6 GT3
- Mercedes-Benz SLR 722
- Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
- Ford Mustang Coyote 5.0
1.   Posted by dxg1997   2015-08-29 23:06    


2.   Posted by zakymzf   2015-08-30 00:12    

holy shit!!! great job man!!

3.   Posted by Unseen.   2015-08-30 09:45    

Torque addiction, oh yes I agree. :drool2:

4.   Posted by AtomicCraZe   2015-08-30 11:31    

Awesome man cant wait to try it out!

5.   Posted by kscf31   2015-08-30 16:49    

It won't install into any of the cars I have...?

6.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-30 19:04    

SLRR Editor or tutorials in tutorial section.


7.   Posted by kscf31   2015-08-30 21:39    

I have MWM BB93... can't figure out how to work the converter program. any tips? thanks!

8.   Posted by kscf31   2015-08-30 21:54    

ok i figured out the program and did the proper editing to the code, but now it just crashes the game. how do i deal with that? thanks!

9.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-08-30 22:53    

@ kscf31: You shouldn't need to use any kind of RPK converter program. Just use the MWM RPK included with the engine, or install LE2BB93 and use the LE RPK.

10.   Posted by Unseen.   2015-08-31 10:39    

Just noticed that alternator belt is penetrating the supercharger belt, not a big deal but it somehow annoys me.

11.   Posted by thor-04   2015-09-01 01:01    


12.   Posted by kscf31   2015-09-01 02:51    

@Harrison15 the issue is that i can't install the engine in any of my cars. the block and everything does show up in the game, I just can't use it...

13.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-09-01 05:25    

@ kscf31 : Download SLRR Editor (click me). Learn how to use SLRR editor here (click me). That should do it.

(If you have any of BB93's engines that say "remove these engines before using SLRR Editor" installed, then remove those engines before running SLRR Editor. Those would be the LS3, K/F Series, Alfa Romeo engine, etc.)

14.   Posted by kscf31   2015-09-03 02:27    

@Harrison15 thanks so much!

15.   Posted by siimu111   2015-09-07 16:56    

OMG! Best engine mod ever! Sounds are just epic *jizz everywhere*. Needs more sounds! NOW! :D I try to make some...

16.   Posted by KasmanPWT   2015-10-22 12:53    

Why the RPM is so low
Example: Comp Supercharger for Twin Intake Manifold make the safe RPM 4000

17.   Posted by KasmanPWT   2015-10-24 12:13    

Forgot about this thing
Crashes my game when clicking the exhaust headers

18.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-11-16 17:52    

@ KasmanPWT: You can increase the RPM past the yellow point safely; that's just the game telling you that the engine has already passed peak horsepower. You should be able to make the engine rev to 9000-10000 RPM pretty easily.

Also, I don't know what the deal is with the exhaust headers, but that really shouldn't crash; it sounds like maybe you don't have the sounds properly installed or something.

19.   Posted by thestig   2015-12-28 19:47    

it doesn't fit in any car that i have, i have e92 from Jesus Christ / Grudas, but the engine can't be installed

20.   Posted by Runaeh   2016-01-27 16:00    

!JVM::compileSource: recompilation needed of ".\parts\engines\DevilsV8\scripts\src\base_n\src\Block_DevilsV8.java" but source not exists
!JVM::compileSource: file not found: ".\parts\engines\DevilsV8\scripts\src\base_n\src\Block_DevilsV8.java"
!JVM::compileSource: recompilation needed of ".\parts\engines\DevilsV8\scripts\src\base_n\src\ExhaustHeader_DevilsV8.java" but source not exists
!JVM::compileSource: file not found: ".\parts\engines\DevilsV8\scripts\src\base_n\src\ExhaustHeader_DevilsV8.java"

21.   Posted by mukola2296   2016-04-28 13:57    

All super, but I found a problem with scripts, when im try to register a car such the engine 90mm and its full configuration, when buying a car is not the intake manifold, fuel rail, a head cover are changed to prime example instead of the GT, though typeid registered correctly.
Also happens if the register GT pistons but purchase it from the car, there are Pro pistons.
Please rethink and possibly fix problems in scripts.
P.S Sorry for my English, it's Google Translator)

22.   Posted by CrayCeets   2016-05-28 16:13    

java.game.parts.engines.DevilsV8.ExhaustHeader_DevilsV8:buildTuningMenu (line:47)
java.game.Mechanic:handleEvent (line:280) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

every time I try to change the sound of the car.. :confused2:


23.   Posted by Just Do It   2016-06-14 17:04    

Can't seem to find the hemi....

24.   Posted by AIMED55   2017-04-09 03:37    

Will this work on 2.3.1?!

25.   Posted by Deadmeat   2019-07-17 08:20    

for me, for some reason, all the engines have the same sound no matter which kit or block it is that I built them from. little help please?

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