Tested on versions 2.2.1MWM and LE2MWM

Modification contains one:
1968 Chevy Nova stock Model from Forza 4
Custom settings of lights
Roll bar
Cowl induction hood
Hood w/ Hood scoop
stock wheels adjustable and tires

1.   Posted by dthug69   2013-12-15 13:11    

great job!! very sexy man. :awesome: :awesome: :troll:

2.   Posted by PXRZ   2013-12-15 13:34    

At the second pic: Dat Randall Racing V8 engine!

3.   Posted by robban_9000   2013-12-15 16:23    

Good work, but that chrome settings does not look good at all in my oppinion.

4.   Posted by KaneHell   2013-12-16 16:22    

oh God, this is awesome, thank you for good american car) I really like these cars)

5.   Posted by Rollcage   2013-12-23 20:58    

For some reason on DragTrack,( didn't test it on others ) it likes to hit walls and fall into some water under the map. Anyways, love the car thank you!

6.   Posted by tommyboy22   2014-03-12 15:51    

does this car actually wheelie :) thnx guys

7.   Posted by sebandroid_anonimus   2014-05-21 19:38    

woow :awesome:

8.   Posted by oldmageguy   2014-09-15 09:20    

looks greate

9.   Posted by Deadmeat   2018-03-13 14:49    

not working on slrr by jack v3

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