Cadillac CTS-V Sedan 2009 ("V2")
by RedCarDriver

Another quick convert that got a little out of hand. ;)

No, it isn't the Commodore, but I'm still working on that (slowly). For now, it's another GM muscle sedan while you wait. :P

Comes with a wide body kit, a custom hood, and a few other little custom bits. Also has a stock rim and stock tire.

1.   Posted by Slayer   2013-11-05 17:19    

Awesome :D

2.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2013-11-06 00:53    

One thing I forgot to mention: Check out the "altversions" folder under "meshes"! There are alternate versions of the custom rear bumpers (with and without the carbon diffuser), alternate versions of the smoked headlights, and a version of the racing grille where the lower grille has chrome edges like the upper grille.

3.   Posted by Luis0x   2013-11-07 23:52    

i wanana that rims :D

4.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2013-11-09 16:46    

HOTFIX 1 (2013-11-09): Fixes paintability of rear right door. Either download the car again, or use this fixed RPK:

If you install the new RPK, you will also have to replace the CFGs with the originals if you have used SLRR Editor to install more engines.

5.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2013-11-09 16:47    

@ Luis0x: The rims are by Franco and only available in VStanced Dark Side, sorry :O Maybe I should have taken a newer set of pics, instead of reusing these?

The car does come with a set of 19x11 Cadillac wheels, though.

6.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2013-12-11 04:10    

HOTFIX 3 (2013-12-10): Fixed some stock parts code that was breaking the dealer for some users.

7.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2014-02-23 03:39    

PATCH 4 (2014-02-22): Fixed an ID conflict between a click and a render of two parts, which should fix a package conflict error and a missing part. This does not guarantee that all package conflicts are fixed. The main download has been updated, and the hotfix version is available here.

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