Some people on our FB page want it, so i made it :D
I convert it to 2.2.1. MWM and it works on regular 2.2.1 too :)

Model itself is from Mafia

230LE Convert and model changes made by: PaJaS

WRC paintjob made by: SPD13TDI

Original Mafia model made by: David Pleva, Bulas

I hope you are gonna like it :)

1.   Posted by LesinCZ   2016-11-03 12:21    

Hi guys are u from Czech ? Jestli jo borci tak konečně nějaký modeláři z Česka aspoň bych tu nebyl sám.

2.   Posted by Megav0us   2016-11-04 09:44    

Yep we are :) Zkoukni naši fb stránku : Street legal racing SK/CZ :)

3.   Posted by ZackZonda   2016-11-05 17:03    

Neboj sa niesi :D

4.   Posted by Prius   2016-12-16 14:05    

Nazdar Megvous :D

5.   Posted by SAV49E   2017-01-17 03:13    

what engine do I use for this if somebody wouldn't mind helping, I'm new to this game but I no in real life the VRS version has 1.9 TDI engine and I can't find one any where unless I'm blind thanks. love the model tho :D

6.   Posted by WankelGT-R   2017-04-10 15:21    

If you use SLRR Editor you can pretty much use any engine you want
Sadly you can't find that 1.9 TDI you're talking about unless you make one yourself
But there is a diesel engine mod in the Mega I4 pack made by Mihon

7.   Posted by Luky45513   2017-06-16 06:17    

Čééééééééést :D

8.   Posted by EddyStyfler   2017-11-03 16:40    

Zdarec hoši :D konečně nějací češi :D

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