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The Tezza seems to be a great drift car :)

# GoverningNick : Well, I return from the land of the rising sun! Was an awesome trip, and you can expect a feature or two coming soon.

However, more importantly, what did I bring back with me?

"I need a new daily."

Not quite yet, but I'm almost working my way to there. I saw a pair of Junction Produce front and rear bumpers at a swap meet, and I just couldn't resist. 2k V$ later and I found myself in ownership of these.

Look closely, however, and you'll notice the 4 new things on the GS as well.

That's right! A set of Junction Produce Scaras in 19x8.5", for the nice price of 2,500V$. Don't ask me about their current tires, it's nothing spectacular but considering this car is still on daily duty I'm happy with it in both fitment and ride quality. Those who noticed the car's lower, good eye; a set of Tein Street Basis (600 V$) put this thing at an acceptable drop while still remaining politely high enough to actually drive on LA roads.

Can someone say 'impulse purchase'?

Speaking of impulse, guess what this picture entails!

Why, another impulse! I saw this little champ on auction and I couldn't say no.

2003 Toyota Altezza RS200 in the ever so rare Sunflower Yellow, complete with the 3S-GE BEAMS and the six speed. This one's clearly seem some experience as a slide-type car, be it the wisefab angle, the hydro handbrake + dual caliper setup, the Bride seat, HKS Hipermax III coils, and the no-name (possibly custom fabbed) exhaust. It's nothing crazy, but just the right amount of spice to have fun with it.

Due to how long this thing'll take to be USA (not counting Florida) legal, it'll likely never see a plate on its trunk lid, but considering how I only really see myself taking this to Willow and the like on a trailer, I don't mind.

Now, whether it's staying the way it is or if it's being turned into some kinda D1SL car, I'm in love.

Had: 79,410 V$
1 Paycheck: 940 V$
Junction Produce bumpers: 2,000 V$
Junction Produce wheels: 2,500 V$
Tein Coils: 600 V$
Toyota Altezza: 7,000 V$
Shipping for parts/car: 2,500 V$

Total: 65,750 V$