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# Soju :

Thanks for all the comments! R33 will be another "project" I will work on much later.

Until then, it will keep its pretty much stock form.

Since 11K's E36 is now on my hands, I started to move on doing some stuff of my taste :)

I got some used 17-inch LMGT4's on the front and the AVS6 to the back. Unusual choice, but not bad combo!

The wheels also came with used Continental tires, not bad for a touge session I guess.

The total wheel price was V$ 1000, not bad for the wheels that are pretty hard to find, and the P1s are going to the spare wheel storage.

Since the car is meant to do the curvy gymkhana races, the stance is not important.

I could have fit 16 for the rear to give more "slammed" look but it's not gonna happen this time.

The trunk and the spoilers were painted same with body color to give uniform look.

The stock EVO seats that 11K used previously didn't fit my body and the measurement at all, so I decided to fit another bucket seat instead.

I gave the EVO seat to 11K and got the old Brix 1 for V$ 500. Not in a bad condition, and the fabric was still intact.

It'll feel much better then the OEM ones!

Also got this old GoPro for recording my gymkhana sessions or "totally legal touge racing" for V$ 150.

It came with the memory card and the sturdy suction cup style car mount, it was a steal :)

The Supra and ER34 will also receive some minor changes pretty soon when the parts arrive!