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# insolivion :

Appreciate it man, yeah you know it.

Cheers man.

Yeah i couldn't wait, but it's not finished yet, there's some parts i want, needs new brakes etc, but i'm glad people like, respect. And i can see easily don't worry haha.


Small update with the PS13

Got rid of the front beaten up fenders same with rear fenders, got brand new OEM fenders on the back, buddy had a stock ps13 bumper for spare picked that up and installed it, got the Type-X valances for cheap too. I'm waiting for some real goodies from japan at the moment should arrive in a few days or so.
bought a new windshiled and ofcourse slapped my MAXIMUM STYLE banner on, if anyone's interested hmu, that's it for now bigger update coming in a few days.

Oh, forgot to mention got spacers, didn't put them on the back yet because i'm waiting for my parts first, then getting some big wheels on the rear and throw on some spacers didn't feel like adding them with the stock wheels, got rid of the drivers door rust.

Slapped my Gram Lights on i had spare from the E36, painted the engine bay.


Type-X Rear Valances - 150$
PS13 OEM Fenders 2x - 265$
Stickers - 38$
Spacers - 150$

Total: 453$
Left: 6,433$

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