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Part 2 - Ebisu Nishi.

We've finally arrived at Ebisu Nishi, and it took several hours and few liters of gasoline, and few thousand yens for our ETC card. We've had some arguments whether to take the local road or highway, but we decided to go Ebisu by highway and come back to Tokyo using local roads. We knew the ETC cards are not so cheap but time was money for us, so we bit the bullet.

It was pretty much dark when we arrived here to arrange our package and park our cars here for a bit. We needed some cooling off. This is my second time visiting Ebisu with my own car. Back then I was in the drifting competition with my near-stock 180SX and I almost burned my clutch and the bushings were suffering a lot from stressful driving. But overall it was really a great experience, and I can't wait to see other cars drifting around the track!

I guess there are no issues at all, as well as Mr. Lee's S15 and 11K's JZX. We had not enough time and it was getting dark, so we just checked our cars briefly.

I might carry this car to my grave. Pretty much everything is done besides the arms, new suspension links and the transmission.

Took some potato quality photos for 11K :) I think his JZX looks really sexy and it's one of the best liveries out there.

I was actually not a big fan of chrome wheels, but it is growing on me since 11K showed this chrome plated CR Kai wheels. Looks so good. AlsoI realized that this level of mods can eventually get through the loopholes of Korean DMV and the bi-annual car inspection. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyways, sorry for lack of updates, but 11K will show much better quality with Mr. Lee's awesome photo skills and 11K's nice edits. :)