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I miss that JZX, probably I will head to Japan with 11K in October as well :)

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# 11000rpm :


There arent many things to write this week but I'll write down anyways.

Im back with newly bought M3 GT style rear spoiler for 260V$ this week!.
The wing idea was firstly suggested by Lagano, so I searched for OEM styles and BAAM! That is how it looks.
I will be attaching carbon sheet on it as soon as I finish today's post;
Well shit, I should've painted whole car after buying a wing lmao

Umm, this E36 is going to go through body reinforcement.
There are still many things remaining onto 2 E36s!

Firing up

Up next, I know alot of you guys were wondering about my JZX100 and here it is.
Aho was testing the car to check if things are still under control @Mobara Twin today afternoon.
This is the only pic from him so I dont know whole situations, sorry.
But I guarentee that Drift Matsuri trip to Japan this October is whole different from last year! (Im saying so but... dunno lol)

E36 wing : 260V$

Remaining v$ = 9892V$-260V$ = 9732V$