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Super Toyota

The reason why I went to the bay with my FC was to bring some stuff I was planning to install on the Supra.

The Supra was also in the garage for weeks, and I ordered Mr. Lee and 11K to take care of it while I was away.

While I was away, I requested some new paint cover-up for carbon fiber parts of the Supra so it could look more uniform.

I just hoped those painted carbon fiber part colors stand up very strangely, but the result actually came out much better than I expected.

The SSR wheels were also sand-blasted and painted with satin black paint, giving cleaner, sleek look.

Also, I borrowed some R888 tires from 11K and traded it with the Michelin Pilot ones.

I also adjusted the coilovers a bit to give more comfort to the Supra since I was not using it as a highway slayer since August...

Maybe I could probably drive as a "partial" daily in the future.

I got these TRD "Griffon" Edition Zeta III seats in Japan for V$ 1800 for my Supra for some TRD treatment.

The old Vios III and the normal Zeta III are now waiting to be shipped to another customer. Sold!

Having a targa top Supra was a big advantage that I could just pop the roof open and enjoy the open-air ride, but not this time.

Taking care of this almost 700HP monster, I realized it is time to install the roll cage.

I could have shipped this car to MACKAY and have this car done in his garage, but he seemed too busy with his team. Sorry bud!

So I rolled up my sleeves and worked by myself with the help of 11K and Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee did all the welding, 11K did the polishing and paintjob, I did the cutting and finding right diameter, strength, and the thickness of the tubular steel. It was a tough work!

Also, I took the HKS pattern from the Nardi steering wheels, and put this super cool decal and horn set.

Therefore, the Supra now looks cleaner, and I guess stronger as well. :)