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# Niatross : Loving the stance on the FC
would be better with Watanbes all around tho imo

I agree on the watanabes, maybe getting another pair would be next plan?

# Lagano : :iagree:

What a nice find! FCs are definitely getting rare. Why does the plate look bad though? Don't you have a similar one on your 180SX?

It was supposed to be the "revised" version of what 180SX has, but the fonts they used are just not right and didn't quite match all cars back then.

But those green plates mean something old-school among Korean tuners, maybe I could keep them, who knows :)

# Nightrunner : What a nice FC!

Thank you!

# radcoon : I'd go all SSR's :) Nice one! And please keep the 13b!

SSR's also look nice and clean, of course keeping those triangles under the hood!

# ErwinFenyvesi23 : Wow bro , that FC is something special , I'll tell you ! I really like how clean it is ! And thinking about it ... maybe I'll visit you one day , just to hang out and maybe , if you want , review one of your awesome cars ! ;)

Visit here anytime soon! It's just across the East Sea, so it will be no problem :)