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Here We Go Again

So... yeah. I kinda bought the '88 FC RX-7 from the Facebook tuner community in Korea. Long story short, I brought something rather unexpected.

Well, I was scrolling through some Facebook page, and found out that the FC was kinda lying around somewhere near Daegu and it was for sale around V$ 6500.

FDs are relatively common to find, but FC... is a whole different story.

Some 1st generation JDM tuners around early '00s were known to use FCs for rotary engine research. It's basically a piece of Korean tuner history.

Mr. Yoon, the owner, was maintaining the car relatively well. Let's say it is "preserved", regarding the condition and rarity of these here in Korea.

It was running well and nothing much showed any problems besides the old tires and the bushings, and some hose leaks.

Drove all the way back to Seoul for 3 hours, and this is what I got in the first place.

Front, the Watanabe wheels. Not bad for these 80's cars I guess.

Rear, the SSR mesh wheels. Not bad either, retaining its classic look.

As I mentioned before, the tires were old ones, so it will be replaced as I settle down and finish the documents and insurance completely.

The interior was pretty much basic, luckily not stripped to the bare metal, having most stock trims and fabric.

Only the driver's side seats were replaced with those Bride Brix seats. I guess the seats were once replaced, since it looks fairly new.

It somehow shows that this rotary is carrying some turbo under its hood. I have to check the whole engine since I couldn't feel any of the boost or lag.

And those fugly looking license plate. The sign of mid-00's when design was not considered at all.

I am not lying, those are actual license plates back then. Thank god it changed after few years with those better looking white ones.

I think it sits really nicely. Not too showy, not too "stock" which shows a perfect balance. I guess I found a nice rotary project after all :)