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Invictus Street Legal 2 has stopped working
Alright sure looks like reshade is the culprit the report would indeed be useful but I made some changes since the last patch and can't match the offset and the source code.
Can you crash the game with this: LINK debug version and post the dump it gives?

bb2015 and he had modified the trees
I added a modified city.rpk and city2.rpk to the packs (SlrrExhaustiveBits) this should work with any version I doubt there are altered versions of these out there. I removed over 10000 small objects from valocity this is roughly 80% of them all (I chose randomly) I think the city is still quite packed with the traffic cars and whatnot (these rpks do not need the badly modified objects.rpk from before)

specular when you close up to a light source.
I added 3 new variables to the RelfectionSettings.fx that can be used to tone down (or up) the lights by type. (ReflectingSpotLightMult,...)

I also updated the "Ever refreshing patchlink" for SlrrExhaustive, the dynamic rim (and tyre) was leaking memory like crazy and there were bad references in the appearance list.

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