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BB already did LINK
(the time can be changed with the 1,2,3 keys in the original SlrrExhaustive

Added 59 minutes later:

I was bothered by the FPS problem something was fishy about it making the reshade effects gradually more demanding didn't make a difference it just decided at one point to run like its 2003 again. After some thought I realised that there may be some kind of vsync issue and checked the presentation interval the game creates the device with and noticed that when in windowed mode it sets PRESENT_INTERVAL_IMMEDIATE but when on exclusive mode (fullscreen) it sets it to D3DPRESENT_INTERVAL_DEFAULT or unspecified which is a sound tactic actually but for some reason the game consistently misses this deadline set by the vsync constraint effectively halving the fps it could otherwise manage, so I tried to set the presentation interval to PRESENT_INTERVAL_IMMEDIATE in fullscreen mode aswell and sure enough it was better but this ofcourse causes screenteraing and this is where fake fullscreen mode comes in; when an application is in windowed mode in a windows os it is at the mercy of the DWM (desktop window manager) and that requires some sort of vsync no incomplete backbuffer should be copied to a window and this actually resolves the tearing in a gentle way if the program misses the deadline it only skips that one frame (I think this is what D3DPRESENT_DONOTWAIT should do but somehow Slrr manages to mess up that aswell)

I wrote way too much for this post anyway I updated the links:
"Ever refreshing patchlink" for SlrrExhaustive and SlrrExhaustiveBits

The new thing is that the new exe wont add a border for the window it creates in windowed mode so if it's ran with the current desktop resolution it will act as a very simple fake fullscreen mode, which helps with the newly introduced screentearing if it is too bothersome.

Here is the effect in full hd with all of reshade and the reflecting shader replacement active on my PC though results may vary.
(measuring fps with immediate mode doesn't give proper results so I didn't try that)

Added 20 minutes later:

Hmm watching the video it doesn't really depicts the feeling very well another plus side is that even if the frames don't come that much faster the input processing is also improved so there is less input-lag I think that adds greatly to the hmm smoothness feeling which the video misses to convey.

Added 10 minutes later:

I failed to mention; I also included an edited objects.rpk (the original is there in the zip aswell as a backup) which removes some of the objects from Valocity further improving performance (meddling with the drawing part of the game made me think the overwhelming number of d3d9 calls should be reduced and this seemed a good way I dont think the trash bins and advertisement columns provide such a value)

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