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I love this type of old Civics! I used to drive my friend's EK9 before, and it was such a good experience!

# RocketBunnyS13 :

LAST TEASER!! (Probably)

Just got word that work on C-REX is finished. So I drove ALL THE WAY DOWN TO OSAKA FROM MIE (TWICE!!!!!) just to see her, and of course spend the night at Al's because he'll be dropping me off at VStanced Garage to pick the car up tomorrow after lunch. 1st night I brought Kate along for her first road trip, she held up pretty well, fuel economy was pretty good on the D16 too! 2nd night is when I just took the train to Osaka.

Before that, yeah like I said, I stopped by to see her. No further pics of C-REX yet, mind you. You guys will have to wait until tomorrow! I will say it's a bit on the subtle side, but don't worry, I think you guys won't be too disappointed.

So for a filler, enjoy these pics I took of Kate because I just couldn't let the good lighting opportunity go to waste: