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Some a e s t h e t i c work has been done to the 180SX this time.

I decided to return to the 5-lug R33 wheels because it looks great on most 90s JDM cars.

Well, the ride on the stock S13 wheels and the winter tires are awesome too, but I think I would stick to the 5-lug system for now.

Oh by the way, that red Supra over there does not have anything to do with mine, so no worries.

I mentioned earlier that the previous lug adapter was not "quite" right for this one and got rid of it.

Instead, I got the new one for V$ 500 and it fits way better than the one it had. Also, I didn't have to reuse the brake discs and the old ass spacers.

I may have to adjust the ride height a little perhaps?

It was done on the rear side as well, nicely tucked in this time. The tires are kinda bit stretched for obvious reasons.

Anyway, if you see from the far, You can see a nice stock S13 sitting nicely.

I was running out of sugar and smoke, I had to refill myself with nice 'calamansi' flavored soda and discontinues pack of cigarette I found in my drawer.

Of course I don't even light the fire in my car and I don't want any sort of traces.

The bad news was... my stickers on the right window were peeling off when I was washing my car with too much water pressure.

I had to take it off with my sad face and cold bare hands, but also I received this nice design from Crazy. All hail the Stock X-Type!