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I took a first look at the trc file it is not impossible to decode it is a collection of some bounded sized data all the way not the lookuptabled crap the RPKs use just a simple list I think the syntax I can figure out relatively easily thou the semantics I dont yet know how to test, we'll see.

Bigg Boss93:
[..]v4 exporter compatible with newer maxes?
I kind of know some maxscript so it certainly would not be impossible but as the 3dsmax5 version is the original (at least I think) the developers used maybe the community should stick to that it enforces some constraints that the engine needs... on the other hand it fails to necessitate the bound on the mesh-vertex-count... and crashes if the bone limit is exceeded... well thinking about it the time has probably come (and gone) for an update, it is a very large project in any case

it is part of the "SlrrExhastive Bits"