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Thank you :) The Supra is changed so much, and I assume she will end up as super-car killer on the highway.

The 180SX daily driver stuff is going well so far. Nothing is leaking, and that is a good sign.

I sold some stuff in the storage lately, and I could earn V$ 500, which is not less.

Sold leftover Chuki bumpers / skirts and S14 stock wheels. I left the Navan rear valances so I could reuse it later.

Then I picked up a pair of Nissan Tesrdrops from local used parts community.

The Silvias and 180s were never sold in Korea, and it is harder to find stock parts than the aftermarket one.

It was fairly in good condition and picked it up for V$ 100. It's just a spare and I might use them on local drift event.

The car still feels great on corners. It lacks some power, but the controls on this are so feeling good, much better than modern cars.

Uhh, yeah. I kinda reached the end of the local forest road, and it was in renovation lately. Perhaps it's a nice time to take a rest.