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I went to a small local car meet today. I could see Saleen S281, E36, and AE86.

The owner of 86 said that he was using this car as a weekend racer, so he didn't register the car at all.

It looked pretty much stock, but 4AGE was slightly modified and the BBS wheels installed.

I saw that this car was quite heavily modified, since it had Quad-Turbo inside the engine bay.

The owner used Mustang GT as a base model and made it into a beast. It has Saleen S281 bodykit, but the interior was quite different from original.

This was actually my favorite so far. E36 is really hard to find in Korea, since such a small amount of car was sold, and it was really expensive.

The owner said he bought the original 320i and did some M3 conversion with some custom bodykit with rebarreled BMW style wheels.

Overall it was pretty exciting! I could see some rare imports and talk car stuff with the owners.