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# K A Z I M I R :

I also love collecting and making stickers by myself :-X

# juicybrate : S14 :Q_________ I Love IT !

Thanks bud!

Sorry for the delay in progress. I had to focus on my work for some time.

Uhh.. Yeah. I just took the whole front apart... and got the used S13 front portion for 2500V$.

It wasn't definitely cheap but I was a big fan of Sileighty since I was a senseless teenager who grew up watching those 'Initial D' stuff.

I was hoping to get that 'Aero' bumper but it was so hard to find here in Korea.

Also the hood came from another S13, so the color is different.

Speaking of wings, i took the wing off the car, since i wanted to keep that smooth back.

Anyone who wants 180SX X-Type front parts and wing, hook me up B)

V$ 2500 (S13 Parts)
Total V$ 2255