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Hey everyone! I got some photos from earlier today at the port, The car was more than i imagined! Ill lay down a few things that it has and some plans for it. So first of all it is a 1996 Nissan Silva s14 Q's, But it seems every part of this car has parts from another car which is kind of scary but either way it drives fine!

Engine wise its a S15 Notch Top with Tomei cams and a Tomei replacement T28 SR turbo, Apexi Red Hi-Power Filter, Apexi Power FC Commander, Kakimoto 2.75 Full Cat Back with one resonator and a Kakimoto Muffler with a silencer, other than that its mostly stock with a no name aluminium radiator and intercooler.

Aero Wise its a mix, it has a zenki front end with kouki aero paired with zenki tails. Interestingly fitting r34 Gtr spoiler, other than that it hasnt been messed with. Interior has all carpets and seats with two r34 seats and a omp wheel.

Lastly the drive train composes of Greddy Type-S Coilovers with Swift 22k/17k Springs, A full r34 rotor and brake upgrade which includes vented rotos, project mu pads, willwood 4 pot calipers up front and two pots in the rear. Wheels they are a squared set of Advan RG-II's in 18x9 +35 Wrapped In some stretch Falken Tires in 225/45/18.

I Plan on lowering it on 3 peice wheels and getting some nicer aero! We will see, I've Ordered The wheels and the aero already! Im jumping straight into this. I also got a job working at a local shop where we specialise in custom fab for offroad vehicles and drift cars! Pay is around 2,100 $ a month depending on what i accomplish! Thanks for reading and see you soon ;D.

Start: 20,000
Car: 9,800
Wheels Used: 2,400
Aero: 1,200
Overnight Shipping:400
Bank: 6,200