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#1   2019-01-10 14:44          
I'm beginner driver I'm going to buy my first car at least. Speaking about kind of car, at this point I like the SUVs the most. As I know, these cars are made for dirty mountain roads. It's important for me, so, I think about buying of Tata Nexon. Secondly, I heard, this car combines high quality and low price, isn't it? So, have you ever heard about Tata cars maker? What do you think about it?

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#2   2019-01-10 15:15          
They sold in my country ,Spain, if you go to the local junkyard the newer car you found are tatas (2008 or newer models)
in my opinion one of the worst cars money can buy
the people who buys this brand they buy twice


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If you live in India, you shouldn't buy it anyway. This car looks much more like a Crossover to me, unlike a real SUV. It has a TON of features which can distract you while driving. It's just another try of manufacturing a safe car in India, That wont work. What about the Tata Safari? Looks much more like an SUV and can be brought for a decent price in used condition. If you need more help, message me. I have pretty much all day.