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# Nightrunner :
But anyway , here´s

Update part 1 ケソ鉛

I´ve decided to split this update in 2 parts since there´s so much stuff that happened this and last week that it doesn´t fit in one update So , here we go !!! First off .

Another Skyline ??? 意翁の

Emmmm , what could i say ? I just love Skylines and when my good friend from Benny´s Garage
showed me this 2003 Nissan Skyline 350GT CPV35 i yelled at him " TAKE MY MONEY " .God , i´m such a sucker for
Skylines ...

As i´ve said , it´s a 2003 Nissan Skyline 350GT CPV35 ( CPV35- Chassis code for 350GT Coupe )in a really good , i guess you could say MiNt condition with a black obsidian paint with no scratches or dents and 52 KM´s on the clock owned by a guy
that works at Benny´s shop , my good friend Mika . As you could see , it´s not his ONLY CPV35 that he
owns , his daily and also his street drift car is a Twilight blue CPV35 slammed on TE37´s with a heavy mod list ! But , why does he have the second V35 and why is he selling it right now ? Well , he got a good deal on it and now he wants to sell it and since he knows how i fucking love skyline´s , he contacted me if i want a CPV35 Skyline !

Even tho i like skylines and the V35 in my opinion looks really good , i´m not the biggest
fan of the engine and i know that there´s barely any aftermarket support for this engine . In order to modify this car
i´m gonna have to go with a different engine that have a lot of aftermarket support and is more reliable than the VQ engine
- in this case , the perfectly running VQ engine with just 52 KM is up for sale ! If anyone wants this trumpet powered engine ,
hit me up and we can talk about the details like price etc. !

But that´s enough of my complains on VQ engine , let´s move to the interior which is suprisingly in a
really good condition !
Littlebit of a wear on the seats and steering wheel but nothing 2 major other that the old people odor that
is in the interior , oh my god did someone died in this car when it smells like a Ughm , bottom text .
Even tho the interior is pretty clean in terms of wear , it smells so bad , i´m gonna have to deeply clean the interior tomorrow !

Jesus christ , let´s get out of the car oh my god ....

Apparently the last owners was a older gentleman - that explains the " old people " odor and cigs .

But enough about the interior , let´s appreciate the exterior and how
good the car actually looks ! However it´s a littlebit 2 high for my taste but it´s gonna change really soon UwU

And the Mika´s CPV35 ? Offff , I hope that mine is gonna look like his
in the future , it looks so fucking clean , i´m so jelly of him UwU .

Well , i guess it´s time to take the car home and give it a
good wash and definetely a deep clean of the interior !

And after 30 minute drive , we are home , well actually not home but in my garage ! Just as i´ve
parked the car , i´ve started to cleaning up the interior and also the exterior because the odor is fucking disgusting UGH .

So , here´s the story of how i got my another skyline that
i´m 100% sure that i´ll never in my entire life sell !

yooo a skyline arround good luck with this one m8
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