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Hi Guys!

First of all the story:
I'm a big fan of Street Legal Racing, but until now i dont created any mod for this game. Just installed some mod that created by other guys, playing, and enjoying this grate game.

One month ago, i purchased the Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 on steam.
I really like the ideas in the game. I spent many hours with the game, and builded/restored grate cars, but at this point the story ends, because you cant pick your car for a spin in a city or a race track for enjoying your work, you cant race with anyone, you cant adjust your cars properties for a better result.

So i started to think... How bad it is you cant merge more games in to one, then born an idea in my mind:

Take the good things from Car Mechanic Simulator 2018, then add these things in to my favorite car building game, called Street Legal Racing.

I think, the first thing to do is the first person, free walking character movement in the garage. This is the base of everything.

Here is a video which is demonstrate my work:

What do You think about it?



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It's quite good.

Click on it for RP.

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Street legal 1 had first person walking, they removed it on slrr for some reason, i guess mainly because they didnt have time to finish the game as activision wanted it instantly.

ps: you can still make the garage camera work like that, but it requires some scripting work and imo isnt really worth it.
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