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Occupation: Driving my RSX somewhere.
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Name: Jake
Age: 22
Location: Overland Park, Kansas
Job: Detailing cars and building engines for friends

Background Information:
First and current car is a 1993 Nissan 240sx. It started its life out as beaten nearly dead 240, like most of them around where I live. Got the car when I was a freshman in high school and payed $2000 for it. Whatever money I made I put into the car. My parents thought I was an idiot spending all my money on a car I couldn't legally drive yet but I didn't care. Two weeks after getting my driver's license I was side swiped and pushed off the road and went into a ditch where it pretty much destroyed the car. When I got the insurance money I bought my 240 back and then bought a 1994 Honda Civic Sedan (EJ1) and got to work fixing the 240. The shell of the car was unfixable but the chassis came out almost came out unscathed. One of my closest friends talked me into getting a S15 shell from Japan. I had to abandon working on it for a few years while paying off a few debts but finally I'm able to continue the build.

Current Cars:
1993 Nissan 240sx with a S15 shell and a 2JZ-GE (not running as the engine isn't fully wired (project)
1994 Honda Civic Sedan B18C swap (daily)

Current cars:

1994 Honda Civic Sedan B18C swap. It's on Megan lowering springs and BBS RS replicas as I can't afford real ones. Other than that it's completely stock. It's my daily until I finish the 240sx
Total spent on car: V$5,500

1993 Nissan 240sx. It has a S15 shell and body wise its all oem parts for a base S15. The heart is a N/A 2JZ ,out of a Lexus IS300, which still needs to be connected to the ECU and needs fuel lines before I get the chance to start it. Running on Greddy Type S springs and shocks and for now on my friends set of BBS RS until I can afford a nice set of wheels. Bride seats were bought used with the Takata harness. Again until I have money it has a replica DriftWorks steering wheel.
Total spent on car: V$16,536 (over 7 years)

(Please bare with me if this isn't super realistic. Not 100% sure how to right one of these and was trying to go off of 5 different threads. Any Help to make it more realistic is appreciated.)