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#1   2014-07-15 00:15          
hi, i want to take the supercharger from th einvagen and put it on the duhen/honda block, it needs some editing to add the part to that block so i want to know how ? oh and the head from the mitsu to einvagen and headers also


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#2   2018-01-26 16:55          
Sorry for bump, try to answer:

1. Attach all exhaust header: Go to exhaust header cfgs and add this just under the line that says
slot		0.000 0.000 0.000	0.000 0.000 0.000	50	; exhaust_header_OUT
And attach those line:
attach		0x000000D8 49	; Einvagen_110_GT_cylinder_head->cylinder_head_exhaust_header_IN
attach		0x0000004C 49	; Einvagen_PerPro_GTA_cylinder_head->cylinder_head_exhaust_header_IN

2. Supercharger on another block: (haven't tried it) Go to block cfg (like Duhen_D15V_block.cfg) add this line first:
slot		0.293 -0.083 -0.144	0.000 0.000 0.000	18	; engine_block_supercharger_IN
slotdmgmode	0x0000000E
Then on einvagen supercharger add this under the one which looks same:
attach		0x0000009B 18	; Einvagen_110_GT_block->engine_block_supercharger_IN
attach		0x0000000A 18	; Einvagen_PerPro_GTA_block->engine_block_supercharger_IN
attach		0x000000DF 18	; Einvagen_110_GT_block->engine_block_supercharger_IN
attach		0x000000F9 18	; Einvagen_PerPro_GTA_block->engine_block_supercharger_IN
attach		0x0000008F 18	; Einvagen_PerPro_GTA_block->engine_block_supercharger_IN
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#3   2018-01-26 16:57          
Ehhh... Well done

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Indeed, that could be useful in the future(for those wanting to learn).
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