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# Kazern : I have a pignose bar
so i have these parts for sale
complete front end for a 180sx widened gaurds and stock 180sx gaurds
stock headlights dmax i think vented hood pignose bar all black
wantanabee rs rims (probally killed the name) 16x10 4 studs
kouki 180 wing
stock ls3 120xxx kms
all for sale or prefered swaps for 18s ,s13 front end,another engine,ducklip spoiler

Hell, wasnt on for a longer time and i didnt got any mssg's.Are you still selling the pignose?I would consider buying it.Is V$80 ok?Im selling my front if you are interested maybe.

Aswel for sale my old rims.Custom AlfaRomeo 3pce rims.

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