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# giacomo1215 : Thank you!!! My girlfriend hates it, but at least SOMEONE recognizes how awesome these little things are! LOL
That's good to me, I usually like these wheels but I can't stand them on my little miata, haha!
If you shoot me an address, I will get them shipped by tomorrow!
Hahaa my parents questioned my sanity (and probably sexuality) when I showed them mine lmfaoo, once my dad drove it he changed his tune ;) I love the wheels too,and I honestly reckon they look great on Miata's :P But I can tell we're definitely going in a different direction with our cars hahaa (yours looks great btw)Awesome though! I'll be PM'ing you the details as soon as I've posted this lol

# Sufyan Zeroual : For sale guys!
-Engine: Vr6 (build it in the car myself)
-Wheels: Vossen vps-305 t 18x10
-Special dipped steering wheel, so is the airlift installation
-AccuAir with a custom made airlift system, it only has 2 options
-ST√ĄTUS seats, i was thinking of getting new leather for it but you can do it yourself if you like

Hey! Would you be interested in selling the steering wheel and seats alone? It's fine it not, but worth asking hahaa ;)