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# Smurf : How brutal is the Shaken?

Well, it's not too bad I guess. There are several major components they go over.

-Exterior (body panels have to fit, visible body damage should be repaired)
-Interior (tears in fabric must be repaired or taped up, bucket seats and roll cages are allowed)
-Noise (my car is over 10 years old, so it can up to 103dB loud)
-Emissions (honestly I don't know what the limits are but I really doubt my car is running that poorly)
-Suspension (no rusting or broken components, cars with wheelbase between 200-249cm must be 8cm off the ground, my 240SX wheelbase is 247cm)
-Speedometer (needs to work consistently)
-Lights (need to work, obviously)

If the car fails any of these I have to take it back, get it fixed, and try again. Where I'm getting my car done will cost me 120,000yen.

# ThatBoostedGuy : Car is looking sweet! I have made excellent progess on my move to Japan, I have sold both my vehicles already, purchased a plane ticket for late Monday night, and am talking to my landlord about leaving.

I will update you when I land. You will likely have to come pick me up, or I can get a taxi instead. Whatever works for you. Cheers!

That is good! Which airport are you flying to? Narita International? If that's the case then you will need to take a second flight to Nagoya because the distance from Narita to Nagoya is quite far.
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