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*update* Made it to the track and ran in the race. I came second, which means I have enough to get the Viper.

@couger dude, that really sucks. I got 2 older Mercs, a w109 and a w126, take your pick man, I need the space. Both are in really good condition, I'll include pics too. Both have under 30k miles. The w126 has a BluTech 5 "Ecodiesel" and the w109 has a supercharged v6.

Added 8 minutes later:

Whichever you don't want, I'm gonna trade it for something I'm gonna make into a drift missile. Prolly a 2011 Subi Wagon

Added 1 minute later:

ALSO, deXXter, you can use my dyno if your near the garage

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