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Well ill join here with something special at least i think.
Its my Drifter, he is ugly, scratched, damaged and faaaaarrr from being a Showcar cause i drive him like a car is meant to be driven, Sideways.

On one of the Last Drift Events on the Horsethief Mile i somehow managed to get an Amateur Sponsorship by K&N
these Guys are pretty nice but they want me to change my Car.

It was born a E36 318ti but well the Engine was compeltly reworked and some parts are even Handmade cause i couldn find anything fitting for my build.
I bought the whole car for 800$ from a guy on Craigslist and well i started taking it apart the same day.

This is one Of the "Handmade" Parts i just bought it from a wrecked Spoon Civic.

One of the best things about my Sponsor the Handmade Sportmaxx 16" i got
they are one of a kind and specificly made for my E36

Interior is stock, well whats left of it, fitted a single Sparco Seat and got a Cheap
Rollcage from a wrecked E36 M3

And now the best Thing about my Drift Whore the Engine
its basicly the Block of the 1.8i but with 0.9 ccm more
Custom Built Pistons, Header from some Jap Car i dont remeber
which one, Imported Dual Webbers (oh how i love them)
and Cams from Brasil a small Company Named D-Speed made them
and im in Love with them. I still got to hit the Dyno
but i think the Power is somewhere around 300 HP.

Well hope you also like my rough edged, dirty, damaged Drifter
cya guys around.
I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum
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