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Couger sent you the parts just hit me back when you get paid I trust you, items have been shipped via sea post. Should be state side in 2-3 weeks.

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Not boasting sales pitch ;) but anyone else here is a good picture of the 326Power GT +S Chakuriki coilovers with 14k/10k springs, come in a sweet box as well!
$1950 shipped from Japan

On one of 9 8 4s flagship Silvia coupes ever since I totaled The Black13 rolling it.

9 8 4 super angle kit with rack spacer comes in 0degree Ackerman or with 15 degree Ackerman, meant to go with our custom 9 8 4 LCAs which are box sectioned and adjustable!
A car we bought at auction, old BEE-R demo R32.4

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