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It has been ages but such is life anyhow,

JVM::compileSource: Syntax error in ".\cars\racers\Astra_J\scripts\src\" at line 147
This is bogus, Slrr just failed to initialize nothing to do try to open it up again

Error: Thread::callmethod: native implementation missing for "Ljava.lang.RawEdit;.setI"
You are not using the patched exe Slrr_GI.exe needs to be run that is where that function is defined.

apoligies for the stupid question - when i download this do i have to apply the patch to it to get it to the latest version? im newish to SLRR and have no idea how to go about this.
an idea for the release would use appveyor which automaticaly updates with whatever change if this were hosted on github or something etc so you wont have to apply the patch and just download it as a whole

Yeah... work though maintaining a proper deployment and whatnot its just two files so you know simple enough but I dont think there is anything crucial in the update anywho.

What about the Reshade version, is there an option to free memory up too? Thanks in advance
Reshade takes care of that on multiple triggers I think
the way it works is just that it sets the max mem limits for models and textures to 0 so the game cleans up what it can thats it, two ints set to 0 and then back to whatever the value should be (or is set in resahde)

The wheels ain't even rotating and turn
Right. I honestly have not noticed that like I just never look at the wheels /s

lower the lod detail or make it higher

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