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Well, it's been a while a guess :3. I gotta say r32 sucked all the money out of my pockets yet it had everything I needed. Decent milage, decent power, decent fitment and an AC...

All I did with it was color matching the trunklip and...

...drift the shit out of it...

but there was an problem with it. I couldn't comfortably drift it becouse it was also my daily. Crashing it meaned I would had to walk home which obviously I didn't want to. So I waited a while untill I got some dough and bought myself an project car...

A 1994 Nissan Silvia Q's! Just at 150k KMs and minor imperfections :DD

As you can guess from it being an Q's, it has an SR20DE, with TODA Headers, Koyorad raidator and a "cold air intake kit" which are pretty standart mods.

I guess it had been hit from rear, its rear bumper is from another s14, brakes are stock, it has Tein coilovers, rim's are... they don't matter just know they are 17", interior is a bit worn out but it is stock and good enough. Thanks to my luck, it already had a registiration and becouse of bodywork it was cheap enough for me to buy, just at 6700 V$! I hope I will get a turbo for it soon. Well thats all for this update.