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# ParkerFM01 : Nice! Those wheels really do somethin' for me on that car <3

Looks fresh
Hell yeah bro, appreciate the love, wheels are the second best part after the engine!

# JdmSly : Damn those are gas g! Love how it came out.
I'm personally loving how it looks as of now, we gotta link up soon so you can check it irl!

# BigSmoke : Wheeee that's a sweet combo, blends very well! :D
You already know that I try my best to make my babies look good! ;)

# Driftphantom : The new wheels are looking good! Very Tasteful
Thanks for the love! I gotta check that Ferrari out soon homie, hit my line and let's link up!

# Benny : Sweet bruh, now we can have a revving battle......ehm as soon as I fix my lambo.......ehm if I fix my lambo.....ehmn unless I die repairing it ehm
You already know this baby is gonna be prepared for the rev battle of the century! ;)

# Soju : The fitment and the ride height is on point :D
The car is looking just right on the wheels and current fitment but I still gotta be careful, appreciate the compliment!

# Lagano : 5 spoke Gram Lights are one of my favorite wheels, they fit so well on so many rides! I thought 18's would look kinda small on an E60 but they turned out just right on yours :D
I was surprised they looked this sexy as well, turns out we were both stumped! Can't wait to link up with you and Benny once more! Gotta see the Porsche and Lamborghini!

Thanks to all who loved the update on the E60, but I have even better news! I've finally pulled the trigger on what I believe is the right car for me! Since I was too hesitant to cut into all of my near perfect condition M5's I decided to splurge some more cash and buy myself a clean little surprise! Here she is!

New Addition:
1992 BMW E34 525i | 143,450 Miles | 2.5l M50B25 Inline 6 | 189hp - 181lb-ft | Link: *LINK*

Took a little trip to Arizona and decided to pick this 92' E34 525i up for myself! The mileage isn't too high but it's perfect for what I want to do! This is a car I am not afraid to cut into or do anything to so this is my opportunity to explore the realm of modifying cars! Stay tuned!

Trip to Arizona: -V$100
1992 BMW E34 525i: -V$3,800
x2 Paychecks: +V$1,880
Bank Account:V$58,790