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#156998   2019-06-29 19:49          
# Soju : The 240SX Vert came out absolutely beautiful! And I like the nickname of it :)

Thanks my man! Glad you like the nickname choice! :cheers:
After all you're the one who nicknamed my Silver Queen :))

# Lagano : Awww man i thought the vert's new paintjob would be something more flashy lol. It's still looking good though, silver with gold wheels is always a nice combo! Like you said it almost turns to white when the lighting's right, kinda like my Supra :) also i think either removing the black trim or adding the missing piece on the fenders would be the final touch for a clean looking ride!

Welp looks like the lowrider plan fell apart anyways......though tell me, does glitters mix well with white paint? Might still pulling that one :))
Hmmmmm noted, certainly would look very well if I remove the rubber trims :cheers:

# Alex876 : vert is fire bro

Thanks my man! Glad you like it :D
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