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# BigSmoke : Hey welcome back, glad to see you again! :D
Ah gutted that the E36 is gone, was lookig forward to it.....but hey, at least the Chaser (both you and your car) is still here! :D

I love dieselboys despite the smokey reputation and the decline after the dieselgate....great for highway cruising, drag racing and even track racing. I miss the days where VAG (via SEAT and Audi) flexing over their rivals with their diesel machinery (using Leon TDI WTCC and R10, R15 and R18 respectively)

Now of course it's time for you to flex the Golf upon the streets and the world ;)

I'm gutted about the E36 too, but the JZX is still hanging around. Soon ill show the progress!

Despite the hate that Diesel gets, I do love a fast one hehe. It's always an eye opener when your "Superior Petrol" gets obliterated by a big old smoky diesel that sounds like its about to blow up.

The Golf is gonna flex soon, Some little bits here and there and the Derv is ready!
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