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#156730   2019-06-22 09:42          
# Macaron_Moon : Holy shit, C-Rex hasn't changed that much ever since you got rid of it. I still remember how it looked back when we founded Kami-Sama.


# marcus915 : holy shit c-rex ia legendary! easily the best cr-x to grace these forums. i'm loving your s15 and our shenanigans with our cars was a lot of fun. lets definitely do that again sometime!

WOW means a lot coming from you, best CR-X haha I sure hope that's true. Thanks! YES WE SHOULD MEET UP AGAIN SOON

# Soju : It's really good to see the C-REX is still there! And the S2K and the S15 looking always lit :)

Thanks so much!

# BigSmoke : S2K looking even more gorgeous and now it has proper power to propel it! :D

And OH MY GOD C-REX IS ALIVE AND WELL! Dude ngl sometimes I wish it's still in your hands man :crying:

YASSSS thanks! Been having thoughts of buying C-REX back actually hmmmmMMMMM

# Sleepin mOnkey : s2000 looking amazing that engine must be amazing

Indeed it is!

s t a y c l a s s y