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After two weeks of hard work repairing cars that have puncture tires or little mechanic failures down the road beside my shop(good location of my shop as i get some clients being new in the city), also i got my first competition client a guy that needed some suspension work and motor mount improvements in a 69 charger with a turbocharged LS7, he took that motor out of a camaro that he crashed racing, he needed some reinforments on the rear suspension apart from setting the rear shock harder and taller for avoiding the big slicks rubbing with the body on the launches and also to rebuild the motor mounts, he let me try it and was insane the power he said was making 1600 hp and 1300 ft-lb of torque.

i had my saab fully repaired and with a set of slicks for the races so i packed everything and went to the meeting point, i had to race again the guy on the toyota celica to defend my spot after two weeks without racing and i won easy thanks to the new slicks i didn't even need the nitrous as the car launched perfectly. After that race i went ahead and compete against the 54 of the list who has an escort mk5 highly modified but again the slicks did its work and hook at the start and with the help of the nitrous i got him. After those two races a guy came to me and offer me a 65 mustang with a built small block that the engine was not starting that he doesn't have the money to repair the car and finish the drag build he was doing with it so he would trade it for my saab if i give it to him with lights and body repaired as i was looking for a car with a V8 for drag racing and i like a lot the classic american cars i agree to it as long as the car was in enoguh good condition,

so we agree to check his car the next day, i checked bottom of the car and everything seemed to be good, the exterior and interior were clean and i did a presure test on the engine and dismounted the heads and oil pan to check the engine for any cracks or parts in bad condition but it didn't seemed damaged at all so maybe there were some issues with the balancing or timing on that engine nothing too expensive if you have a shop but a guy that needs to go to a shop for those repairs they will rip his wallet and also as it was the engine it was no competition on the street it need some more money on upgrades but it has a ton of potential i believe, so after checking everything i agree to the deal

A week later the guy of the 65 mustang appeared by my shop with a tow truck, when he saw the saab rewrapped and reapaired he was asthounished by how well was looking even i fell in love of it although i am not a fan of those old saabs so we did the paperwork to change ownership of the cars and entered the mustang on my shop, then he left driving my former saab.