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#156531   2019-06-17 01:37          
# Benny : I like the Varietta, just slamm it now....

Ohohoho of course I will, just waiting for money right now ;)

Ah s**t, now I have two cars waiting for coilovers.......

# Lagano : Wow those were some wild moments on the track!! The lap times surely prove that, they're getting better and better. Careful when braking late in the corner though, it can lead you into a massive understeer which usually doesn't end well. You got some nice goodies for the vert, that wing fits it perfectly! If you're going for a lowrider style like you mentioned a few times i'd respray it in something crazy and maybe add some pinstripes, like on the American 70's lowriders ;)

Thanks bossman! :D
Yeah that locking moment had my heart stopped for a while it seems :))

Looks like I'll either apply a glitter paintjob or going full lowrider :morncoffee:
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