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Thanks for the welcomes guys

# BigSmoke : Hello and welcome to the RP community, glad to have you here! :D
Having someone picking up a Kia as an RP starter is quite unique I should say, should make this an interesting build to follow! :D

I went to SG for a week around 8 and 9 years ago irl and yeah, I've heard about SG's cruel car tax and mod limitations. :morncoffee:
Quite a bummer indeed, which might explains why there are a lot of tuned Swifts and alike instead of proper performance cars, though nice and lovely Evos and Imprezas are also a common fixture, at least back then.

I should say you're off to a great, high quality start already! :cheers:
Though if you still need some pointers, luckily someone asked for it back then and I've answered the question here. Also, feel free to look around at other RPs as well for inspos! ;)

And lastly, good luck for the build! :cheers:

Sure I'll take a look around! And yea we've still got loads of evos and STIs running our streets, hasn't really changed :D

# Soju : Welcome to the community! And you've found a really nice car there!

I live in South Korea so I could source you some parts for that car for cheap :)

Thanks man, that's an offer I can't refuse :)

Added 42 minutes later:

Update 2

I'm off to a nearby shophouse workshop, owned by a good friend of mine, Lim. He told me he has some 2nd hand parts on good offer and in quality condition, and I should come over for a quick look. Although his workshop is small, it has enough equipment to offer a wide range of services,

This subie was already at the workshop before I arrived. Owner was here to fit some brand new TE37s, remove some trim and beefen up the tune before a track meet at Sepang next week.

Fitted a set of Brand new Tein coilovers and Brembo 4-pot brakes, and also adjusted the alignment. Planning to be able to at least attack corners in the Koup since it's engine won't pull much on straights (At least at this stage)

Owner of a Ford Focus ST left behind some 18 inch MOMO Heritage 6s in exchange for other rims some time ago . Lim had it sold to me at a good price. Also fitted some brand new Yokohama Neova rubber to keep these new shoes grippy.

I personally think these wheels look pretty good. Was lucky to have find such gloss white ones in decent condition.

Really excited with my new set-up, I took the koup out for a quick spin around the nearby streets. It cornered nicely as expected, but didn't really push when I put my foot down.

I decided to drive it back to the workshop. It was time for some serious engine work...

V$11610 - V$680(coils) - V$970(brakes) - V$820(rims) = V$9140

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