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# YRG_INIM3N3 : your s 13-s look cool


# BigSmoke : I love the savageness of the PS13, a good thing you've painted it in black! :D

Also good luck with the daily project! ;)

Yeah me too, thanks man.


Nothing much really, just a small update for the 180SX. Still working on a livery for the PS13. Got some goodies for the 180 basically full Type-X Kit
Hot Road Front Bumper, Type-X Rear Valances, Type-X Side skirts, Type-X Front Lip, Type-X Wing, D-Max Hood, And a roof spoiler

Interior: Got a new Fully Blue Bride Zeta bucket seat with a new Nardi Steering Wheel.
Sold the stock seats and wheels including bumpers and taillights.

Had to throw on these T7R's, let's be honest these wheels look good on every car.

Brand new Kouki Taillights.
Took her out for a little night cruise ran really smooth.

That's all for now, love my daily.

Next PS13 update will be when i finish designing my new livery and show it to you guys.


Hot Road Front Bumper - 200$
Type-X Side Skirts - 230$
Type-X Rear Valance - 150$
Type-X Front Lip - 195$
Type-X Wing - 350$
Koguchi Rear Overfenders - 465$
Koguchi Front Fenders - 470$
Full Blue Bride Zeta - 1225$
Nardi Deep - 305$
T7R's - $1,584
Kouki Taillights - 235$
D-Max Hood - 300$
Roof Wing - 125$

= 4,514

180SX OEM Seats + 1,039
180SX OEM Steering Wheel + 97$
180SX OEM Taillights + 65$
180SX OEM Hood + 250$
Paycheck + 565$

Total: 3,158$
Left: 9,462