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After waiting for a few days the good stuff finally arrived which is my brand new Origin Labo Racing Line Kit. I love how aggressive it looks, one of the best looking kits for the PS13 Or the S-chassis general, D-Max is dope also that's why i ordered the D-Max hood instead of the origin one.
Also, some news for you guys, i sold my hotboi E36 because i needed money for my next project which i will show you guys tomorrow, i spent alot of money on that 36, couldn't afford the next project otherwise.

Fresh 55mm Fenders, bought T7R's too love the look of them.

It was time to get headlights, wired those up, still need to get indicators tho.

Next update this thing will be painted, should i go with the same livery as the E36 i had?


Origin Labo Racing Line kit - 1,535$
Brick Headlights - 350$
Work Emotion T7R's 2 pairs - 900$
D-Max Hood - 300$


(SOLD) SFLA E36 + 16,764$

Left: 18,240$